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Immersive environment: the audience will be surprised by the sounds and movements of the dinosaurs. Adaptable event: It can be distributed in one or more areas, in indoor or outdoor areas. Turnkey animation presented with great success in several European countries. Scenography, landscape and high quality design.


Family, schools and kindergarten.


With 6 or 12 animatronic dinosaurs between 3mt and 7.50mt long, distributed in 1 to 4 scenes: 24 species and 30 available specimens.
The scenography i salso a very importante part, so in this exhibition you will find trees, plants, rocks, lagoon, soil, barriers and lighting.
Posters that provide the information known to date of today about the dinosaurs presented Geological timeline summarizes the history of the Earth All information contained in the event will be provided in the language of the country of the shopping centre.



Playful, educational and interactive exhibition that features animatronic dinosaurs on a real scale. Equipped with a robotic system, they move various parts of their bodies, roar, and even seem to breathe!

  • Concept

    Amazing Exhibition

  • Target


  • Inspiration:

    Pedagogical & Fun

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