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We want that the visitors perceive the art as something affordable, open to all and due to that we do it in the most original and fun way, with a lot of open spaces.

The  action is intended for all aaudiences, but mainly for a special target: Millennials.

Demanding public, used to buy online, wich according to the data, is no longer attending physical stores and shopping centers, so we want to offer them some actions in order to motivate them to go shopping centers.

Forget all the rules! Here you can and you must integrate into the space: Jump, Touch and Laugh. This exhibition has been designed to participate actively, and interact with all the elements in order to create unique pieces.

Wake up your senses in a unique place, wich will move you to a dream universe, full of color, with magical characters and the most tempting sweets.

We can assure you that you never saw something like this, or at least in real life, since, this event, we have recreated those worlds that we only reached thanks to our imagination.

We created a sensory experience in the first person, based on the power of fantasy and creativity.


Such a singular space could not have a simple composition.

The Sweet Gallery it has been designed to create an infinity of combinations, with purpose of adapting to all kinds of spaces, either grouping in one place or distributed throughout the center.

  • Wellcome Wall
  • Ice Cream Cherrydise
  • Cube BananaFun
  • Corner the Unic Corn
  • Cube Pause
  • Cube Donuts Rain
  • Corner Ducktastic
  • Dream Pop
  • Fantasy Pool
  • In & Out


The sweetest gallery of the world opens the doors!
After a huge success in US in which this concept has exceeded all expectations of assistance and good reviews, we want to provide to everyone a unique and surprising experience.

  • Concept

    Be Happy

  • Target


  • Inspiration:


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